HI im Michael, im a South Bay / Los Angeles based Fashion Photographer, id like to believe I have been doing photography all of my life... with my eyes, that is a very important aspect of the substance of my photos the way I see things and what calls me to want to remember this moment (in time) or (outside of it), it is my artistic goal to try to capture something that makes me feel something rather it be deep emotion or something light and playful or that's cool fresh and new, melancholic some thing lovely or any of the pantheon of emotions to be conveyed and to also try and do the same for you too the viewer, to make images that are complete works even in series, to have depth to them, a pride of my purist to achieve this level of art is the mastery of aesthetic and being able to live up to them and also to change and modify them to mine or a clients whelm and also to provoke and evoke positive and creative change in art, to captivate and stir and feed thought     

I love working with people and teams and collaborating with all sorts of talented artist, I also love create photos that people need especially if its for fashion and commercial aspects, I believe that photos are one of the best ways to convey a brands ideology, aesthetic and product to the customers and the artistic world, therefor I take great pride in not only crafting the photo you desire but making sure it is a grounded piece of art that represents you brands identity, I also love working with all sorts of models in fashion, acting ,acting head shots, dance and all the forms of portraiture I always try and make a fun and comfortable environment for whom ever im working with regardless of race, sex , religion or creed I love diversity and pride on making a safe fun creative environment for every one I work with